• Versus Media Fanzine: Issue Two

    I wrote some more stuff about my life and some movies, but this time it is focused entirely on the films of softcore star Misty Mundae and her late-nite shenanigans. This issue features interviews with incredibly kind & talented filmmakers William Hellfire and Donald Farmer, who both worked with Misty during the heights of her career. Sixteen films are reviewed, including the Factory 2000-era classics like I WAS A TEENAGE STRANGLER and SNUFF STRANGLER, as well as popular parody films from the early 2000s like SPIDER-BABE and PLAYMATE OF THE APES. It's just a big ol' barrel of bananas, although some are quite ripe. Yikes!
  • No Love Left For Our Children

    This is a collection of recordings from a time in the year of our lord, 20-aught-11. The A-side has things like "songs" and stuff which are mostly about hating people. The B-side has sounds and is titled "Still Sorry," a quasi-sequel to a two cassette set, titled "I'm Sorry," which you will never have a chance to hear or buy. SO THERE.
  • Gyroscope

    This is a small 4"x6" book of roughly 40 pages with a matte finish on the cover. The back synopsis reads, "a teenage girl discovers the world is made of bullshit." It's a very exciting time for everyone.
  • Gary Gilmore Memorial Society - Leave Me Alone (1987-88)

    The Gary Gilmore Memorial Society was a band in Granite City, Ill., in the late 1980s. They recorded these songs in the back room of a music shop called Ear To The Ground Music & More with the owner, a fellow named Gunnar Bates. The recordings are kind of bad. I thought it'd be cool to release them. So here they are. Ta-da!
  • Versus Media Fanzine: Issue One

    I wrote some stuff about my life and also about some movies. Those movies are THE HILLS HAVE EYES, DEATH DREAM, and DUCK! THE CARBINE HIGH MASSACRE. What do all of these movies have in common? I dunno, read the fanzine and find out, dummy.